It feels like Everett and I have both reached milestones: he gets his first set of vaccines today and I go back to work next week. (Not especially happy milestones for either of us.) And yesterday, I went "special" clothes shopping. I had to find at least a few things that would fit my 9... Continue Reading →


Everett Francis is one month old!

Unbelievably, here we are at one month! Ever has (finally) gained back his birth weight and is steadily working on growing his little toad belly 🙂 My hope for the next month is he keeps gaining and plumps up his skinny arms and legs. I'll probably pop into his pediatrician's office weekly to weigh him,... Continue Reading →

This all happened quickly.

Backstory (TL: DR: We got pregnant, then married.) In over a year since my last post, not only are Travis and I now husband and wife, we are expecting our first child, a son! OMG. We actually found out we were pregnant two months before the wedding. I was a little concerned about getting pregnant... Continue Reading →

Late August

Late August is one of my favorite times of year, especially in Santa Fe. Fall starts early here. Temperatures drop and storms are longer-lasting. Yet in the early evening, the sun can be as strong as during the height of summer and a yellow heat burns over the landscape just before it sets. I like that... Continue Reading →

The biggest thing/ Mexico Part I

It’s been over ten years since I last traveled outside the United States. Ten years spent mostly working and studying and definitely not vacationing. So when Travis left for a two-month travel fellowship to research in Mexico City, I knew it was the perfect time to change this! I just returned from 6 days in... Continue Reading →

Pasta with chickpeas and greens

I have so many half-prepared recipe posts in my Google Drive and have been derelict in getting them up here. My main issue is I do not have great images to accompany the recipes and that just isn’t fun for blogging. Food photography is hard, especially in the winter months when I’m usually cooking as... Continue Reading →

Braised beef with garlic

For the last few months of living alone, I've done minimal cooking and minimal red meat-eating. Cuts of meat aren't easily adapted to a one-person meal and I try to stick to lean meats in general. However, I stayed in for New Year's this year and without any plans whatsoever, I decided New Year's Day... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Connecticut, IRL

This year, for the first time, I traveled by airplane during Christmas. When I booked my ticket weeks ago, I remember thinking “Hmm, I wonder how crazy it will be?” But by the time I bought all my presents, crammed them and a week’s worth of stuff into a suitcase, tidied up at work and... Continue Reading →

Frank Ortiz Dog Park

These photos were taken at the Frank Ortiz Dog Park in town, a few weeks ago. It's one of our favorite spots. I spent an hour or so trying to figure out who "Frank Ortiz" was/ is, by researching old newspaper articles - to no avail. Whoever he is, the dog park in his name... Continue Reading →

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