Veggie Egg Drop Soup

I celebrated my 32nd birthday this past weekend - and partied accordingly 🙂 I figure one night a year you're overdue for drinking and dancing, no excuses. A new friend lent me this spectacular violet wig, which I paired with an entirely black outfit, black eyebrows and red lips - a makeup combination I could never wear... Continue Reading →


Winter’s work

I haven’t kept up with this blog as planned. Now it is nearly winter and I am still in flux, but I think I am onto a different stage now. This is the “What now?” stage. Which is certainly better than the “cleaning up the pieces” stage. I hate cleaning. T is in New Jersey... Continue Reading →

A Re-introduction

Five months after leaving my home and relationship, I finally unpacked the last few items from my car (a set of screwdrivers, a couple of socks, a coffee mug) and placed new photos in frames which have stood empty. Just because you know a decision is the right one doesn’t make it easy. Over these... Continue Reading →

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